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  • 01.03.2019


We are optimists

Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, was thought to be unconquerable until that day in May 1953 when Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first climbers to reach the summit. “It isn’t the mountain that we conquer but ourselves.” These words of wisdom by Sir Edmund Hillary communicate the essence of mountain climbing. The summit will wait for you whether you climb or not, because that’s all it can do. But you can rise to the challenge with willpower, courage and optimism. That’s how we start out every project we take on. Every summit can be conquered – with the right climbing strategy.

We take different approaches

A near-vertical rock face posed the last real challenge that Hillary and Norgay had to overcome before they made it to the summit, and it was later named the ‘Hillary Step’ in honour of Sir Edmund. To achieve your goal you need effective tools and experience – both in mountaineering and in political lobbying. On many occasions, if you have the courage to tread new paths and ingenuity to draw on your creative powers, you can overcome even the most tenacious obstacles. In other words, it sometimes pays off to apply the principles and methods that Hillary used to climb that rock face in the political process.

We have the right attitude

Sherpas don’t take any chances. The Himalayas are a place for controlled experiments, not mad follies. In politics, realities and moral values also impose limitations on the scope of action available to you. We believe that attitude is the key to successful communication and the foundation of every partnership.

Who we are looking for

In the mountains and in the political arena you have to know you can depend on your team. That’s why we need people who are the best fit for our organisation and vice-versa. People with knowledge and experience, curiosity and an open mind. People who love new challenges and tricky assignments, are committed to the team and our clients, and give us their trust. People who approach both routine tasks and the creative/unconventional projects that we encounter in our work with the same professional attitude and dependability – whether they’re a career starter or a seasoned consultant.

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