Dods Group

About us

We are Dods, a trusted heritage brand with a deep understanding of people, parliament and policy.

We understand your challenges, goals and needs, and provide tailored political intelligence to shape your strategy.

We cut through the noise to deliver relevant and accessible insights on complex parliamentary issues.

How we can help you

At Dods we provide compelling insights to shape successful strategies. We serve a broad spectrum of people within policymaking and public affairs, including:

  • central and local governments and agencies
  • Parliament and devolved legislatures
  • NGOs, influencers, associations, and industries

We aim to inform, educate and advise, with impartial insights to enable debate and dialogue. With credible and authoritative insights from seasoned and well-connected political commentators, we can:

  • make complex insights relevant and accessible
  • offer clarity and transparency in a time of “fake news” and information overload
  • identify and communicate issues that matter to you
  • provide a platform to actively engage with decision-makers in a meaningful andconstructive manner
  • empower and support you to achieve your goals

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