PICUM – Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants

What we want
We seek a world where human mobility is recognised as a normal reality, and where all people are guaranteed their human rights and have a dignified standard of living, regardless of migration status.

How we work
With our network and partners, we research and advocate for evidence-based, holistic and humane responses to the realities of undocumented migrants and to people who want to come to Europe to work or for other reasons. We provide a platform to engage policy-makers and the public at the international, European, national, and local levels.

Our work is grounded in principles and values of social justice, anti-racism and equality.

We apply an intersectional lens to our work, recognising overlapping systems of oppression that affect people with insecure residence status, and are committed to strengthening participation of people with lived experience in our work.”

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