Vanguard Initiative

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The Vanguard Initiative is a unique alliance that gathers 39 of the most advanced industrial regions in Europe, focused on stimulating industrial innovation and building European value-chains based on complementarities in regional smart specialisation strategies.

By connecting innovation ecosystems and sharing knowledge and facilities across its member regions, the Vanguard Initiative facilitates interregional collaboration, stimulates interregional innovation investments, strengthens open innovation, and speeds up the introduction and market-uptake of new products and innovations in Europe.

A Place-Based Approach

The Vanguard Initiative leads by example, implementing a fresh approach to industrial transformation following an inclusive, interactive, and ongoing entrepreneurial discovery process built on the Regions RIS3/I3. Co-developed and co-led by the member regions themselves, the Vanguard Initiative Pilots provide a ‘place based-approach’, ensuring active participation of industry and related business organisations such as clusters, as well as research institutions, academia, and civil society – the quadruple helix.

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