making politics work: good politics needs the right talent

Politics is made by people. Regardless of wheret you look in the increasingly differentiated political establishment, nothing works without qualified and convinced workers. Whether in parties, consultancies, administration, NGOs, associations, companies, editorial offices, foundations or initiatives – all actors in the political business are united by their drive to change and advance things. Often in their own interests, sometimes for the common good, but always with conviction and passion. This is what drives politics.

As a THE political job portal, we offer applicants the opportunity to use their job to actively shape the society of tomorrow. We support our customers in finding suitable colleagues to develop ideas and becoming visible within the democratic competition.

We are THE contact point for recruitment in the political sector

On politjobs, you will not only recieve applications from qualified people, but from those who really want to make an impact. Our community consists of politically interested, highly qualified professionals. We are a renowned authority/actor in the political job market, whose services are used by approximately 1,000 job seekers every day. Our network has been growing for more than 20 years and covers all target groups from students to entry-level employees with development potential to top-level decision-makers in the industry. In the digital space, we reach our and your target groups with contemporary channels, formats and technologies.

Our experience brings a feel for actor constellations and market dynamics that no other platform in the political Berlin and beyond can match.

As international as politics itself

Politjobs is not just restricted to the german job market . We also operate our politjobs job exchange/ bord in Austria, Switzerland and for the European political establishment in Brussels, Strasbourg and beyond. Applicants can therefore orient themselves internationally with us. Advertising organizations can also strengthen themselves abroad with qualified candidates from abroad and benefit from discounts for simultaneous placements in different target areas.

Individual Recruiting

We are happy to help you with your employer branding and / or use our broad network and our talent pool to search directly for fitting candidates. For more information write a mail or call us!

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