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  • 10.02.2010


BPIE is a leading independent centre of expertise on energy performance of buildings. We are advancing the transition towards climate-neutrality in Europe and globally. We are Europe’s leading independent think tank on energy performance of buildings. Our vision is a climate-neutral built environment, aligned with the ambition of the Paris Agreement, and in support of a fair and sustainable society.

Our commitment

The challenge to decarbonise the building stock is enormous. In Europe alone, buildings consume 40% of the final energy consumption, with fossil fuels providing 80% of the energy. Our own analysis of national registries of Energy Performance Certificate schemes found that 97% of all certified residential buildings are in a performance class lower than A. Achieving a decarbonised building sector therefore requires a focus first on increasing demand side efficiency as measured by minimising the buildings’ energy demand for all heating, cooling, lighting and other energy needs, while also addressing energy supply decarbonisation. Both energy demand and energy supply must go hand in hand as this will maximise synergies and optimise total energy system use on the journey to achieving climate neutrality and mitigating climate change. The social challenge of energy poverty is equally important. Transforming the building stock requires alignment with social policies, which in many cases adds complexity to political decision making. As policy experts focusing on the built environment, we are committed to harnessing the enormous potential of buildings towards achieving an affordable, carbon-neutral built environment that is intelligently integrated into a decarbonised and flexible energy system.

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