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Our mission

To develop inclusive, sustainable trade in fruit & vegetables and food products, focusing on the ACP countries’ trade with one another and with the European Union.

Our vision

“Growing people”

COLEACP’s vision is that ongoing changes in the global agri-food model will require continuous capacity building and training for current and future generations of producers, entrepreneurs, consultants, technicians and all economic actors in the agricultural and food system. This is especially the case in ACP countries and particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, which is well positioned to become the driving force behind a new, sustainable model of agriculture.

Growing people means moving forward and growing sustainably by giving companies and people the means to flourish while respecting the environment and the humanity of each individual.

It means continuously capitalising on and disseminating COLEACP’s knowledge, know-how and specialised expertise, acquired over the years in all areas of the fruit and vegetable sector, to contribute to a profound transformation of agriculture that meets the needs of food security, ecosystem conservation and economic growth.

Growing people calls for members to achieve sustainable development objectives through building human capacity and value sharing in agri-food production and marketing chains at national, regional and global levels.

Job and internship offers

Do you recognise yourself in our values? Do you have a professional project that is in line with COLEACP’s vision? Do you have talents to offer? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will consider your application carefully, whether it is spontaneous or responding to a job or internship offer.

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