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The European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) is a federation of 127 education trade unions in 51 countries, representing in total 11 million members all over Europe. We are the social partner for teachers and other education personnel at European level, and a defender of their interests towards the European Commission and other European institutions.

ETUCE is composed of national trade unions of teachers and other staff in all parts of the education sector: early childhood education; primary education; secondary education; vocational education and training; higher education and research. The member organisations cover both EU and non-EU states. ETUCE is the European Trade Union Federation for the education sector within the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC).

ETUCE was established in 1977. In November 2010 a new European structure was adopted by the Extraordinary Conference / General Assembly, at which ETUCE became an integrated part of Education International (EI). ETUCE is now the EI Regional Structure in the European region.

The aims of the ETUCE are:

  • To promote an implement the aims of Education International (EI) in the European Region
  • To advise the EI Executive Board on policies and activities to be undertaken by EI in the European Region, including the development of responses to proposals and policies which emanate from other international bodies such as OECD or UNESCO
  • To develop and maintain positive relationships with organizations in Europe which have similar aims and objectives, including ETUC and PERC/ITUC
  • To determine and promote policies in relation to the Council of Europe, and any such other European inter-governmental body, which addresses issues of concern to education unions
  • To promote the development of strong independent and democratic education unions throughout the European Region
  • To determine and promote policies in relation to European Union (EU) and EFTA matters
  • To represent member organizations in EU consultative structures and at EU meetings
  • To respond to proposals, policies and decisions of the EU affecting the members of education unions in Europe
  • To develop and implement projects and programs designed to further the interests of education unions in the European Region and, especially, in the EU/EFTA countries
  • To be the social partner for education workers in the EU Social Dialogue process
  • To be the trade union federation representing the education unions in the ETUC structures

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