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eu travel tech (formerly The European Technology and Travel Services Association – ETTSA) was launched in 2009 to represent and promote the interests of global distribution systems (GDSs) and travel distributors towards all relevant European stakeholders from industry to policymakers.

Technology is changing travel. The travel landscape operates as it does in large part thanks to the efforts of eu travel tech members’ services, their investments in R&D and commitment to providing cutting edge solutions.
The ability to buy travel online has delivered unprecedented choice to consumers. Only thirty years ago, organising travel was expensive and complicated with users’ ability to compare options was extremely limited.

Among eu travel tech members, all of the players in the travel tech ecosystem are represented, and know that the future of our sector rests on the achievement of our common goal: to build a consumer-driven, innovative and competitive travel and tourism industry that harnesses digitisation and is based on transparency and sustainability.

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