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A network bridging two shores

EuroMed Rights, formerly the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network, is a regional non-governmental organisation aiming to promote human rights and democracy for all on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea.

EuroMed Rights is a network representing 68 human rights organisations active in 30 countries. It was founded in 1997, following the 1995 Barcelona Declaration, by civil society organisations dedicated to promoting human rights and democracy within the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership.

EuroMed Rights’ mission is to develop and strengthen partnerships, on an equal footing, between civil society organisations at regional and national levels. By creating network opportunities and encouraging such civil society cooperation, EuroMed Rights aims to help them develop joint strategies, convey their shared views and visions to decision-makers and to the broader public, and ultimately increase their influence at home and abroad.

In its 2018-2021 strategy, EuroMed Rights identified four key thematic areas alongside its regular work on Southern Mediterranean countries.

How we work

EuroMed Rights implements its mission by combining the five working methods below:

Networking: EuroMed Rights promotes and defends human rights and democracy by initiating and facilitating the development, with its members and partners, of shared political priorities and strategies. These networking efforts mainly take the form of working groups and solidarity groups created in response to current political challenges and opportunities. These groups also serve as platforms to build capacity, trust and solidarity among the network’s members and partners to further strengthen cooperation and coordination.

Advocating: EuroMed Rights influences policy makers and authorities at national, regional and international levels to adopt and incorporate pro-human rights and pro-democracy policies, including the recommendations developed in the working groups and solidarity groups.

Communicating: EuroMed Rights mobilises support for human rights and democracy by disseminating its recommendations and positions to a wide range of audiences, including the general public through both traditional media work and social media. It also develops a host of written and audiovisual communication tools, e.g. newsletter, videos and podcasts.

Mainstreaming: EuroMed Rights promotes gender equality by systematically mainstreaming gender policies internally in its organisational policies and structures, and externally in its work to promote and defend human rights and democracy. EuroMed Rights also fights back against the repression and persecution of civil society by addressing the challenges related to shrinking space for civil society in all its programmes and activities.

Monitoring and evaluating: EuroMed Rights systematically monitors, documents and learns from its work. It uses these results to drive performance and impact, and to ensure accountability towards its members, partners, donors and the broader public. Monitoring and evaluation also helps foster internal learning and organisational development.


All vacancies at EuroMed Rights, be it for employment or internship, are published on our website (and other relevant job search websites if relevant) and filled via transparent recruitment procedures. All potential applicants are encouraged to visit EuroMed Rights website on a regular basis and to submit an application for a specific vacancy if interested, following the application guidelines mentioned in each application package.

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