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The European AI & Society Fund works to shape Artificial Intelligence to better serve people and society. Supported by 15 funding partners, including some of the largest philanthropic foundations in Europe and the US, our goal is to empower a civil society ecosystem to shape AI in the public interest and to galvanise philanthropy to engage in this work.

Since being set up in 2020 our partners have committed over €7.5m to support over 40 organisations across Europe to have a transformative impact on the debate on Artificial Intelligence. We fund organisations with deep technical and policy experience, as well as social justice groups and the communities most affected by the impacts of AI to ensure that their voices are heard at the decision table.

We are now in a unique moment of opportunity, where AI governance is recognised as a major global challenge. Europe is leading the world in regulating Artificial Intelligence and has the potential to establish a new set of democratic norms for how to direct technologies in the public interest. As a Fund, we want to meet this opportunity with new ambition: we want to grow our budget so we can sustain and grow the civil society field and we want to advocate for greater philanthropic engagement in AI and society work overall.

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