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The European Heart Network (EHN) is a Brussels-based alliance of foundations and associations dedicated to preventing cardiovascular diseases (CVD), representing patient interests and funding research throughout Europe.

EHN’s mission is to play a leading role, on behalf of patients and people in Europe, in promoting cardiovascular health and the prevention and reduction of cardiovascular disease, in particular heart disease and stroke, to ensure CVD is no longer a major cause of premature death and disability throughout Europe. This will be achieved through evidence-based advocacy, research promotion networking, capacity-building, and representing patients’ and the wider public’s interest.


Every person in Europe can grow up and live in a sustainable environment that promotes cardiovascular health. Premature and preventable deaths due to cardiovascular diseases are reduced by 30% in 2030. State-of-the-art, personalised care and quality of life is accessible and attainable for those born or living with CVD.

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