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Our story

The European Partnership for Democracy (EPD) is a network with a global remit to support democracy. In 2008, several organisations came together to create EPD as a partnership to reinforce European democracy support by building a community that advocates and acts for democratic values around the world.  EPD works inside and outside Europe because we recognise that democracy is a universal aspiration and that the contemporary challenges and opportunities for democracy are global in scope.

Why is it so important to support democracy?

Democracy – widely defined and in all its varieties – holds both an intrinsic and instrumental value for society. Democracy gives citizens greater autonomy and liberty, while encouraging participation and transparency in decision-making. Democracy offers us the greatest potential for achieving sustainable development, respect for human rights and long-term stability. Yet, it is not a perfect political system and requires continuous support to flourish.

This challenge is very much at the core of EPD’s mandate. Our approach is rooted in the need to foster greater complementarity and dialogue between domestic, European and external stakeholders.

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