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A European Alliance In Social Insurance

Founded in 1996, the European Social Insurance Platform (ESIP) is a unique platform gathering the national statutory social security institutions from 17 Member States and Switzerland. ESIP currently represents over 50 national organisations active in the field of health, pensions, occupational disease and accident insurance, disability and rehabilitation, family benefits and unemployment. Our headquarters are based in the heart of Brussels, close to the EU institutions. The aims of ESIP and its members are to preserve high profile social security for Europe, to reinforce solidarity-based social insurance systems and to maintain European social protection quality. ESIP is an advocacy group presenting the views of social security systems to European decision-makers, developing common positions and acting as a consultation forum for the European institutions and other actors in the field of social security.

The development of the European Single Market and in particular the free movement of citizens across the European Union call for greater cooperation between national social insurance systems. To this end, the European Social Insurance Platform was created in 1996 and since January 2009, ESIP exists as a legal entity under Belgian law.

Today ESIP as a strategic platform gathers over 50 national social security organisations insuring citizens in 17 Member States and Switzerland. ESIP covers various branches of social insurance including health, pensions, family and social inclusion, disability and rehabilitation and unemployment.

Our missions:

  • Preserving high-profile social security for Europe
  • Reinforcing solidarity-based social insurance systems
  • Maintaining the quality of European social protection

Our activities:

  • A platform for transnational dialogue and exchange of best practices between national social security institutions in Europe
  • A strategic network for developing common positions to influence the European decision-making process
  • A consultation forum for the European institutions and other multinational bodies active in the field of social security

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