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EUROPEN aims to achieve a fully accessible European market for packaging and packaged products, while protecting the product and the environment.

Our goals are to:

  • Continuously improve the environmental performance of packaging and packaged products all along the supply chain.
  • Promote the role, functionalities and benefits of packaging within all relevant EU policies.
  • Achieve a harmonised policy framework and a functioning EU internal market for packaging and packaged products.


We convey expert information, data, opinions and policy options to our members and EU policy stakeholders about the environmental, economic and social aspects of sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and end of life of packaging and packaged products.

We promotes legislation that is transparent, effective, and proportionate in relation to packaging and packaging waste and thus enables our members to innovate, compete and operate in a resource efficient, competitive and sustainable way.


At EUROPEN, we believe that packaging enables the transition to a climate neutral, circular and competitive EU economy while ensuring goods are delivered safely to EU citizens and businesses.

Our vision rests on four main pillars:

  • A commitment to climate neutrality by 2050
    • Strive towards carbon neutrality of the packaging value chain and provide solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of packaging and packaged products.
  • Protecting natural resources
    • Develop optimal packaging solutions that prevent resource depletion, food and product waste and packaging entering the environment.
  • Accelerating circularity
    • Drive the uptake of innovative packaging design for increased reuse and recycling and contribute to the development of new sorting, collection and recycling technologies.
  • Strengthening EU competitiveness
    • Advocate to achieve a strong and resilient single market for packaging and packaging goods and drive investments in innovation.

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