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Mission, Strategic Objectives, Values, Approach

We believe an EU of partnership and solidarity matters, and we believe globalisation needs global rules to make it work for everyone. We think it’s time for a new 21st-century social contract based on peace, prosperity and sustainability. We support a multilateral world with cities, regions, states, supranational institutions, companies and citizens cooperating to solve common challenges, and we embrace European values and freedoms.

“Connect – Debate – Change” is our DNA and central to the way we work. Friends of Europe is passionate about good policy making and a driving force for debate. Our work adopts a whole of society, whole of economy approach, engaging critical thinkers, unusual voices and those that are ready to challenge the status quo.

We believe in social justice and equality. We work with stakeholders across Europe and the world to craft bold and innovative recommendations to revitalize the European Project. We believe that good ideas and good policies come from breaking down silos and building communities of trust between policy makers, business leaders, civil society representatives and citizens. This is how to catalyse change.

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