The Global Impact Tech Alliance (GITA)

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The Organization

GITA is a non for profit organization led by practitioners from the High-tech, Impact and Venture Capital sectors. We are a global network of impact-tech leaders who are working in various ways to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through tech innovation.

GITA is an innovative value-based organization, committed to contributing to effective change, through transparency, honest communication combined with professionalism.  Innovative thinkers, good communicators and problem solvers will excel.

Local Chapters

GITA chapters are the local bonfires for impact practitioners to address impact challenges in their local context. Although we need a global impact to address climate change and socio-economic disparities each settlement is at a different point of progress on the various challenges of impact and with different market dynamics. Therefore we believe that local chapters will enable to streamline the global shift towards impact-tech innovation, lifting the local barriers and seize the local potential.

Our Mission

Is to accelerate international sustainable development using tech innovation.
By creating the infrastructure for cooperation between tech innovation and the impact movement, we can truly drive meaningful solutions for the largest social and environmental challenges of our generation. GITA seeks to accelerate and scale the Impact tech sector’s development through focused leadership and collaborative actions.

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