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The Green European Foundation (GEF) is a European level political foundation funded by the European Parliament. It is linked to, but independent of, other European Green actors such as the European Green Party and the Green Group in the European Parliament.

The mission of GEF is to contribute to the development of a European public sphere and to foster greater involvement by citizens in European politics, ultimately forging a stronger, more participative democracy. GEF strives to mainstream discussions on European policies and politics both within and beyond the Green political family. It works to create a common Green vision for Europe and to communicate this to the wider public.

In its contribution to building another Europe, GEF seeks to encourage cross-border cooperation and exchanges. The foundation therefore acts as a platform to discuss Europe’s shared challenges, by bringing diverse actors together, from European to national foundations, think tanks, academics and NGOs. In other words, GEF aims at bridging the gap between activism at the national level and the decisions that are being made at the European level by coordinating a lively network.

GEF aspires to reach broader audiences across Europe by acting as a laboratory for new ideas through the Green European Journal and other publications in different languages. The foundation also develops capacity-building and political education programmes for its partners and for young activists eager to get involved at the European level. Finally, GEF supports its national partners across Europe to organise conferences, seminars and other exchanges, mainly through transnational projects. GEF operates within a European context beyond the borders of the EU, due to the EU’s ongoing expansion and Europe’s shared values and history.

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