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Milieu is an independent private sector consultancy committed to serving the public interest.

Above all, we value the reputation of our company and, when engaged by a client, our overriding aim is to provide a service of the highest quality that meets the required deadline. We strive to understand and satisfy our client’s needs and to provide imaginative and creative solutions while maintaining analytical rigour and excellence in all that we do. We welcome fresh challenges and work hard to earn the trust and confidence of our clients, partners, and collaborating experts.

We respect and appreciate our employees and associates and fully recognise how dependent we are on their commitment and hard work. We strive to maintain a collaborative, supportive and inclusive workplace where all of our staff feel that they are able to openly express their views and opinions, where they are given every opportunity to fulfill their potential and where their dedication is properly recognised. We also hope that they have fun working at Milieu since we strongly believe that if our staff are not enjoying their work and workplace they will never produce their best work.

This principle of respect and appreciation is extended to our valued network of external consultants – many of whom we have worked with for years.

We aim to adhere to the principles of sustainable development.

We seek to understand the environmental impacts of our activities and to limit or offset the negative impacts, both within our office and in the wider community.

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