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At The New Institute, we strive to develop powerful visions to fundamentally reshape society and practical solutions to turn those visions into a reality.

THE NEW INSTITUTE is a mission-driven Institute of Advanced Study and a platform for change. It was founded in response to the urgent ecological, economic and political challenges of our time. THE NEW INSTITUTE is located in Hamburg and will bring together a community of globally concerned thinkers and practitioners from academia, the arts, activism, media, business, and politics to develop powerful visions to fundamentally reshape society.

We will work in strategic partnerships with a variety of institutional and individual stakeholders – changemakers who share a common set of values and objectives. Care, courage, creativity and commitment are our core values that guide our vision and mission.

Our home is the Warburg Ensemble, a group of nine classical townhouses, located in central Hamburg. It is a place that fosters imagination and provides a unique set of conditions that allow for the rethinking of conventional approaches and commonly held beliefs. To drive our message of change, we reach out to the wider public through events and a strong media presence.

Opening in 2022, the Warburg Ensemble will host up to 35 fellows. It will serve as a campus for a diverse community of innovative researchers and agents of change from around the globe to inspire and take action.

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