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Cutting through the noise

Rasmussen Global was founded in October 2014 by Anders Fogh Rasmussen. As one of the few international leaders combining experience from the top decision-making level in Denmark, the EU and NATO, with a high profile across the Atlantic, Mr. Rasmussen is in a unique position to advise clients on transatlantic issues, international affairs and public policy management.

The team

Anders Fogh Rasmussen has assembled a broad team of public policy professionals with experience of advising business and political leaders as well as public policy, campaigns and communications specialists.

A Business With a Purpose

We help businesses and governments to better understand and shape the dynamics and power play behind facts and decisions in international politics. We do that through political consultancy and speakers services.

We have entered a new era of structural disruption. Investors, multinational companies and governments alike need to manage a higher level of uncertainty, enhanced geopolitical volatility and a vulnerable political consensus on trade, regulation and international cooperation. Policy and regulatory outcomes on both sides of the Atlantic are becoming more unpredictable. Meanwhile, transatlantic cooperation has never been more extensive and yet more contested.

This level of complexity and instability calls for sharp strategic thinking, transatlantic outreach as well as the ability to shape public policy outcome in key decision centres.

Rasmussen Global combines a bold strategic approach; analysis, advice, high-level briefings with a strong tactical focus on delivery, campaign execution, communication and media outreach, and influence strategies.

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With headquarters in Copenhagen and Brussels and representation worldwide, Rasmussen Global is a local advisory with a global outreach.

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