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Who are we

Re-Imagine Europa (RIE) is a non-partisan think-tank founded by President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing as the first “incubator” for new political ideas, in honour of his partnership and friendship with Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and their efforts to define a future that goes beyond personal, national or partisan interests.

Working in collaboration with an international network of members, strategic partners and knowledge partners, RIE strives for an interdisciplinary approach to its research, aided by an in-house narrative team led by leading social psychologists

RIE works in order to support Europe and the institutions that govern it to face contemporary challenges, preserving the role of ethical and moral leadership and the way of life that is the foundation of the entire European project. Through our projects, we try to support the demands of all stakeholders so that relations between member states develop on a more just and inclusive basis.

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