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Seas At Risk is an association of environmental organisations from across Europe, working together to ensure that life in our seas and oceans is abundant, diverse, climate resilient, and not threatened by human activities. Its mission is to promote ambitious policies for marine protection at European and international level. With over 30 members representing the majority of European countries, Seas At Risk speaks for millions of citizens that care deeply about the health and well-being of seas and oceans.

Headquartered in Brussels, Seas At Risk has strong connections with the European institutions and with the UN and regional bodies responsible for seas and oceans, as well as with other like-minded organisations in Europe and around the world. This, together with our expertise and solid membership base, makes Seas At Risk a powerful voice, championing the cause of healthy seas and oceans for over 30 years.

Our vision is a world whose seas and ocean are abundant in marine life that is diverse, climate resilient, and not threatened by human pressures.

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