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The Bellona Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation that aims to meet and fight the climate challenges, by identifying and implementing sustainable environmental solutions. We work towards reaching a greater ecological understanding, protection of nature, the environment and health. Bellona is engaged in a broad range of current national and international environmental questions and issues around the world.

The Bellona Foundation was founded in 1986. We are currently 57 employees, working at the main office in Oslo and our  international offices in Brussels (Belgium / EU), Berlin (Germany)  Murmansk (Russia) and St. Petersburg (Russia). We have websites in Norwegian, English and Russian.

Our area of expertise is broad, and the staff is comprised of individuals with extensive professional background. With  35 years of experience, we have established a unique network both nationally and internationally. Our work has gained international attention within several disciplines, and Bellona`s advisors are frequently sources and experts on climate change issues both in national and international press.

What we are working with?

Who we are working with?

In principle, anyone. Pollution knows no borders, thus Bellona is working with and against anyone and everyone relevant to our work, both nationally and internationally. This can be anyone from politicians, bureaucrats within ministries and agencies, decision-makers in business, media, other non-profit organizations and foundations, to participants in research and education.

Bellona has a solution-oriented approach to the environmental challenges and we have since 1998 had extensive cooperation with a number of companies in different industries and businesses. Our approach is that to achieve results one must jointly work out the best social and environmental solutions, and making these financially profitable/ viable.

Thus the partners we aim to work with in our partnership programs are companies that are strategically placed in relation to (Norwegian) industries. The partners can be as much a part of the solution as the problem, but are important allies in political processes; they have the necessary expertise and knowledge in their field, and commonly share the willingness to position themselves as pioneers that identifies and demonstrates new solutions.

However, Bellona is and has always been an independent watch dog that investigates/ scrutinizes and reports any kind of environmental crime we might uncover.

Find more information about the different funders, within the Bellona offices’ information profiles.

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