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Eurodiaconia is a European network of churches and Christian NGOs providing social and healthcare services and advocating social justice. Together our membership represents the needs and unique experiences of 52 national and regional organisations in 32 countries.


Eurodiaconia is a network of 56 churches and Christian organizations that provide social and health care services and advocate for social justice. Together we work for just and transformative social change across Europe, leaving no-one behind.


Driven by our Christian faith, our vision is of a Europe where each person is valued for their inherent God-given worth and dignity and where our societies guarantee social justice for all people, including the most vulnerable and marginalized.

Strengthen diaconal social services

Strengthen diaconal service provision so as many people as possible have access to affordable, high quality and accessible social and healthcare services.

Social Justice

Fight for social justice by addressing the root causes of inequalities, poverty and exclusion.

Network identity

Building a strong network with a clear identity

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