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Intergraf is the European printing industry association, representing employers in the graphical sector. We advocate for Europe’s printing industry towards the European Union, working with EU policymakers to support the sector’s competitiveness through advocacy, information-sharing, networking, campaigning, social dialogue, and EU projects.

Our membership comprises 21 national printing associations from 20 countries as full members, and 11 companies from across Europe as associate members.

We speak as one voice for the European printing industry, securing the best regulatory environment at EU level for printing companies.

Print is essential.
Print underpins Europe’s economy and society, and plays a starring role in our daily lives.

Print is everywhere.
Without printed products, we would not have the products we love, like books, newspapers, and magazines. We would not have the things we need, like packaging for food, labels for medicine and other products, ballots for voting, ID documents for travelling, and textbooks for learning. We would not have the things that decorate our worlds, like posters, art, and wallpaper.

Print is needed to fill the digital gap.
Only 54% of people in Europe have basic digital skills (DESI 2022). This has not improved for almost a decade.

Print is needed to educate the next generation.
Literacy and the development of vital reading and information processing skills – like concentration, comprehension, retention, and critical thinking – are proven to be better when people read in print. This is true even for so-called ‘digital natives’. Printed products are needed alongside digital tools for education.

Print is sustainable.
Our industry’s primary raw material, paper, is one of the few truly circular products. It does not need electricity to use after purchase, and continues to store carbon throughout its lifetime. It is also one of the most recycled materials in the world, and Europe is the global paper recycling champion.

Printers provide jobs of the future.
Printing companies employ more than 620,000 people in Europe in creative, digital, and technical jobs. Over 100,000 European printing companies provide employment.

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