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KOMIS is a management consulting company specialised in project and programme management in the field of international development.
Based on long standing experience of cooperation with international donors, we combine the best of academic expertise with practical experiences from the field to help our clients to design and manage highly performing interventions with a long-term impact.
We do not just provide a solution; we work together with the clients in order to find the answer that best fits their needs and requirements.

Based in Brussels, KOMIS has built an international network of professional consultants embracing diverse perspectives and cultural aspects.
KOMIS aims to deliver high quality outputs within foreseen timeline and available resources guaranteeing the clients’ satisfaction.

Constitution chart
In line with its constitution chart, KOMIS, provides consultancy and advisory services as well as research and development services, in the wider domain of monitoring and evaluation with special focus on:

  • Qualitative and Analytical Monitoring of projects, programmes or blending operations financed by national and international donors;
  • Decision making concerning the management of projects and assurance mechanisms that projects will be properly implemented and reach their objectives;
  • Logistics of workshops, missions, coordination activities, and training events;
  • Communication vis-à-vis the involved donors and other project stakeholders, identification of documentation, as well as quantitative and qualitative analysis of project data and results;
  • Preparation of guidelines, handbooks, manuals, studies, structuring and organisation of data, management and dissemination of information;
  • Development and assessment of algorithms, protocols and IT tools in big data (with focus on data analytics and data mining);
  • Security of data.

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