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What is Open Parliament TV?

Open Parliament TV is a search engine and interactive video platform for parliamentary debates. Our vision is to make parliamentary discourse accessible beyond the boundaries of single parliaments and across different levels (municipal, regional, national) and languages.

We are a small team consisting of the Founder & Project Lead and, depending on the funding situation, several freelancers and volunteers. Organisationally, we are embedded in the Center for the Cultivation of Technology gGmbH.


In many countries, democratic institutions are increasingly being questioned and in some cases openly attacked by sections of society.

With Open Parliament TV, we are strengthening trust in parliamentary democracy by making political decision-making processes more transparent, credible and participatory.


We advocate our vision of a trustworthy and credible parliamentary democracy at all political levels (municipal, regional, national and international) by increasing the transparency of political work, promoting political education in civil society and expanding their participation in political processes.


In order to realise our vision of a trustworthy and credible parliamentary democracy through greater transparency, education and participation, we focus on three closely linked strategic areas: Technology, Policy & Advocacy, Network.

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