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RISE is an independent public utility Foundation. Our vision is for a sustainable European agriculture.  We support the transition to an agricultural system that engages fully with the circular economy, provides safe, nutritious and healthy food whilst protecting and restoring our natural capital; supports Europe to reach its climate targets, creates jobs and encourages investment in rural areas whilst conserving our traditions and cultural heritage.

RISE works as a think tank, bringing together experts to address some of the greatest environmental-climate-agricultural challenges we face in Europe today.  We develop high quality accessible research reports with clear recommendations for policy makers and draw on the Foundation’s extensive network of stakeholders to access ideas and research from across the spectrum.

As an independent non-profit organisation, RISE holds a rare position that it is entirely impartial.  The neutrality of the Foundation’s work is ensured by its independent Board and a series of multi-skilled advisory committees that are established for the development of each piece of work.

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